Proyecto Mompiche
Proyecto Mompiche is a politically and religiously independent organization comprised of committed young people from Sweden and Ecuador. The purpose of our organization is to combat poverty and social inequalities and give more children a chance for a bright future. We will do this through education.

Why? When people have education, they also have one of the most important tools to determine their lives as they wish.

Our goal is to build a school in Mompiche, a small Ecuadorian village, to create opportunities for young people there - opportunities for further study or livelihood in the village. The teaching contains basic school subjects as well as practical work with a focus on the local environment and culture. In parallel, we work with the education of children in Sweden, to raise issues of poverty, justice and our common responsibility of the world.

With creativity, collaboration, security and joy we will create a platform. From there, children and youth will grow and develop their ideas and abilities.

"At the school, smiles are never missing, there is never a lack of conversations and questions, the children have free access to materials that facilitate their learning and play, to tell the truth, it is an oasis in a harsh and cruel desert for people who have not chosen it and do not deserve it."
- Marcello Torres, artist who collaborated with Proyecto DCR in winter 2011